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SELF-DEFENSE, Boot Camp Fitness Classes, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu & FULL MMA!

As a student at Baker's MMA & Fitness LLC, you’ll enjoy a family atmosphere where everyone is pushing each other to get better through fitness and discipline! Catering to children 4 and up! Whether you're here to learn confidence and self-defense, or to join the fight team and compete, we have it all for you!


Professional MMA Fighter

Over 30 years of Competitive Experience, I am now here to teach the Martial Arts that Changed my life since being a kid! I will teach students how to eat right, workout with specific goals, and learn to defend themselves if ever need be! A special plus while learning to defend yourself comes confidence and discipline!



To find out more information about learning at Baker's MMA & Fitness LLC, contact us today.

13200 W Foxfire Dr #146-148 Surprise, AZ 85378


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Adult & Youth Classes at the same time for good time management when both kid & parent train!

We Provide Beginner Classes and all other skill level classes!

Each class is designed to make you better at the complete mixed martial arts! Kickboxing class combined with Jiu Jitsu classes & put those 2 things together and it becomes a full MMA class which you will learn everything you see in real UFC fight! All ages Get better each day! As a member you get unlimited classes! First Class is always free!

Our Team


Glen “Bad Boy” Baker

Head Instructor 

With over 300 fights under my belt & over 30 years of experience, I made it up to the highest level in professional MMA and I now teach kids & adults my secret to being bully proof, humble, & confident!


Richard Felix is entering his 30th year of training Martial Arts. A lifelong practitioner, he has had the privilege of training in multiple disciplines, including Karate, Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, and Kung Fu. 

He now proudly holds the ranks:

5th Degree Godan TAI Karate

1st Degree BB Songahm TKD

Purple Belt Brazilian JiuJitsu

Certified Catch Wrestler 


In his free time you will find him with his daughter, on the mats, or holding an instrument. Be sure to say hello!

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